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Sinopoly Battery Limited

Sinopoly Battery Limited and its subsidiaries (“Sinopoly”) are the integrated high-tech platform of FDG which specializes in production, sales and R&D of high capacity lithium-ion batteries and related products. Sinopoly is the core power of the development of FDG, its products are mainly used in EVs and energy storage systems. With adequate capital, excellent leadership and vision of management team, and world-class R&D Team, Sinopoly has leading R&D technique and production skill in the lithium-ion batteries business.

Sinopoly Battery has manufacturing factories in both Jilin and Tianjin. With long history of R&D, experiment and experience, the two factories have advance production lines which are leading in PRC. The total annual design capacity is 120 million AH and 130 million AH for Jilin and Tianjin base, respectively. In order to capture the market demand, Sinopoly plans to increase the annual design capacity of Tianjin base to 600 million AH. Moreover, the two factories are well supported by the Sinopoly Battery Research Centre in Shanghai, which has experts in developing advance technique in battery.

In the future, power battery and battery system are one of the main issues in the R&D of electric vehicles. As one of China’s largest lithium-ion battery manufacturers, Sinopoly will work cohesively to improve the quality and production efficiency of the lithium-ion battery products through continuous R&D. Meanwhile, Sinopoly will provide support to the Group, to ensure the FDG’s EV is well equipped with power batteries with premium quality, excellent performance and high safety.

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