• MAY Acquisition of Thunder Sky Energy Technology Limited was completed
  • AUG Jilin Sinopoly was founded
  • DEC Tianjin Sinopoly was founded
  • FEB Battery production facilities at Liaoyuan, Jilin, was completed and commercial production commenced
  • DEC Established Partnership with Jasmin and officially entered the vehicle business
  • DEC Sinopoly Battery Research Institute was founded
  • APR Tianjin Sinopoly completed the lithium battery construction project with a designed annual capacity of 130 million Ah
  • JUL Jasmin obtained shares of Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd.
  • DEC Injected RMB 5.1 billion on restructuring and launched the “Changjiang” brand, and officially renamed “Hangzhou Changjiang Coach Co., Ltd.” into “Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd.”
  • FEB Changjiang Automobile‘s new energy vehicle production project launched
  • MAR Acquisition of 58.5% stake in Agnita Limited (which owns 80% stake in Jasmin and 49% stake in Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile) was completed
  • APR Independent R&D electric vehicle successfully passed the cold region test
  • MAY Acquisition of Hong Kong Southwest Electric Vehicles Limited which owned 50% of registered capital of Yunnan Meidi Coach Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was completed
  • MAY “Yunnan Meidi Coach” renamed as “Yunnan FDG Automobile Co., Limited”
  • MAY “Sinopoly Battery Limited” renamed as “FDG Electric Vehicles Limited”
  • SEP Yunnan FDG Automobile Co., Limited re-granted a permission for manufacturing electric new energy vehicles
  • NOV Two models of pure electric mid-size buses and two models of pure electric commercial vehicle of Yunnan FDG were approved for sale
  • NOV Announced to acquire CIAM Group Limited which owns remaining 41.5% stake in Agnita Limited
  • FEB Acquisition of CIAM Group Limited was completed and subsequently controlled 100% stake in Agnita Limited
  • MAY Form a joint venture with Smith Electric Vehicles Corp in the U.S.
  • JUL Hangzhou Changjiang Automobile obtained a permission for manufacturing electric new energy vehicles
  • OCT CIAM Group Limited officially completed acquisition of SK (Chongqing) Lithium Battery Material Company Limited
  • NOV The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has released the latest “Standardized Requirements for the Automobile Power Storage Battery Industry”, Tianjin Sinopoly New Energy Technology Co., Ltd is one of the first batch recognized enterprises
  • MAR Signed a strategic partnership agreement with Dah Chong Hong which is a subsidiary of CITIC Limited
  • APR Changjiang Automobile launched its latest brand “Changjiang EV” in Hangzhou core plant and commenced production of 4 models of vehicle
  • MAY Signed cooperation agreement with Guian New Area Management Committee in relation to the investment project of annual production of 150,000 units of pure electric vehicles
  • MAY Changjiang Automobile obtained the second permission for manufacturing pure electric new energy passenger vehicles
  • JUL The foundation stone laying ceremony of “annual capacity of 150,000 units of pure electric vehicles” in Guian New Area was held
  • AUG The registration of Guizhou Changjiang Automobile Co., Ltd. was officially completed in Guian New Area
  • AUG Equity restructuring with FDG Kinetic and Taiwan Aleees was completed
  • SEP 210 units of Changjiang’s pure electric vehicles (EVs) provided ground transportation for hospitality purpose during the G20 Summit in Hangzhou
  • NOV Entered into the entrustment agreement with Guizhou Guian Asset Investment and was granted a total of RMB 1 billion as funding for the research, design and development of pure electric vehicles
  • NOV FDG Kinetic Limited, Guian New Area Management Committee and ALEEES entered into a framework agreement to cooperate in the construction of a factory for the manufacturing of LFP cathode materials
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