Group Members

Jasmin International Auto R&D Co., Ltd.

Jasmin International Auto R&D (Beijing) Co., Ltd. ("Jasmin"), a subsidiary of FDG, is an all-round and well-equipped design and R&D company specialized in designing vehicles and auto parts and components. Composed of a group of experienced and innovative vehicle design experts and professional technicians, Jasmin has nine specialized departments, including the research institute of modeling design, vehicle’s bodywork design, electrical equipment design, vehicle design, process engineering, pilot plant, product management center, operation control center and integrated management center. The Company possesses considerable strength in areas ranging from market analysis to the development of vehicles design. In future, Jasmin will continue to commit itself to the design and R&D of electric vehicles and its key parts and components, accelerate the launch of more various types of electric vehicles to cater to the market demand in order to lay a solid foundation for enhancing the core competitiveness of the Group’s electric vehicles and its related products.

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