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Changjiang Electric Vehicles were designed out of the box, changed the traditional method of "transforming fuel vehicle", devoted in developing the most reasonable, the safest electric vehicles through forward engineering, to better meet the customers’ needs. Since industrial investment from 2010, Changjiang Automobile has been establishing a closed recycling industrial chain of new energy vehicles with its world class electric driven technology. After many years of innovative R&D, the company has developed the core technology of "three electrics". In the battery business, the power battery made for vehicle products through forward engineering has been in the EV market for 6 years, and has acquired the NASA certificate in the US.

(1) Wheel Side Electric-driven Axles

In the field of commercial vehicles, the world’s first wheel side electric-driven axles were invented by Changjiang Automobile for light commercial vehicles through independent forward engineering and put into mass production. It replaced the traditional engine, gearbox, clutch, transmission shaft and rear axle, this invention is highly integrated, improves the reliability and transmission efficiency. Equipped with low speed high torque motor drive and built-in IMU, it enables both ESC active control and coordinated re-generative braking strategy, decelerator is driven directly by the electric motor. Newly designed planet sun gear, can satisfy any recovery of torque or auxiliary brake within its peak value; a number of components made of aluminum alloy material, to enable lightweight design.

A Comparison Between Wheel Side Electric-driven Axles and Conventional Vehicle Mechanical System
Wheel Side Electric-driven AxlesConventional Vehicle Mechanical System
Technical highlights:
  • Driving system highly integrated, no gearbox, transmission shaft, differential mechanism and other components,compact structure
  • High power density ratio motor, power density ratio reaches 3.47Kw/kg
  • Short transmission chain, higher transmission efficiency, the transmission efficiency rate is raised from 91% in the central motor drive mode to 96%
  • Newly designed high tooth gear, low-noise stable transmission
  • Two independent wheel side drive,ASR and ESP function enabled without adding other components

(2) Battery Pack

The battery pack is designed with heating and cooling functions, to ensure multiple protections to the battery system under high temperature or extremely cold circumstances. The techniques in temperature control and active equalization are of advanced level internationally.

Technical highlights:
  • Safest vehicle chassis designed according to the features of electric vehicles. Power battery box inside the anti-collision beam, where is the safest spot on the vehicle chassis, to provide multiple protections for the battery
  • Accurate calculation of battery pack charge-discharge capability, to protect the power battery pack
  • DCDC with automatic start, to ensure full capacity in low-voltage storage battery
  • High-voltage relay inside the battery PACK box, to ensure non-working connector uncharged
  • Highly efficient heat management system to ensure the battery under best working condition

(3) Whole vehicle electric control system

In the field of electric control system, Changjiang Automobile developed the whole vehicle control system and battery management system with independent intellectual property rights through forward engineering, and jointly developed the electric control system with strategic partners who has leading technologies at the same time. With independent intellectual property rights, the vehicle was designed with overall planned "brains", best safety strategy and safe bottom design, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the vehicle.
The vehicle electric control system include: Vehicle managing system (VMS), Battery managing system (BMS), Motor control system (MCS), electric car body stabilizing system (ESS), vehicle networking control system (T-Box).

Technical highlights:
  • Braking signal redundancy design, to ensure safety
  • Double circuit accelerator signal, matching fault detections, to ensure driving safety
  • Collision safety management: after collision, double collision signal from receiving hard wire and CAN wire will be input, respond to the collision shortly and unfailingly, based on the highly reliable prompt interruption strategy, to ensure safe protection after the collision
  • Complete fault-handling mechanism: fault detections on electric control system, to ensure driving safety。

Electric vehicle business129 patents at present, mainly includes:

Patent No.Patent NamesPatent Categories
201310125670.1EV whole vehicle controllerInvention
201310289317.7EV air cooled power battery thermal managing device and control systemInvention
201310298208.1A type of wheel side motor driving bridge for New Energy vehiclesInvention
201530266470.8Vehicle smart deviceDesign
201520588249.9A type of suspension arm structure and the independent suspension system with such structureUtility model

Batteries business24 patents at present, mainly includes:

Patent No.Patent NamesPatent Categories
201310046692.9Lithium-ion battery and its assembly methodInvention
201310195825.9A production method for micron scale mono crystal lithium nickel manganese oxide cathode materialInvention
201310199605.3Battery selection methodInvention
201310282085.2Battery charge and discharge device and methodInvention
201520130326.6Battery Pack anode and cathode connector and the battery with such connectorUtility model
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